Saturday, March 04, 2006


Nerds are cool! Based only on acecdote, keen journalists have id'd a new trend -- dork pride is on the rise.

My favorite quote from the article (who knew that attracting your ideal type was this easy?):

For now, though, he's going with it and has put a bumper sticker on his motorcycle that says "Talk Nerdy To Me" so he attracts the kind of women he's looking for — "a librarian type girl," who likes to go to bookstores and art galleries and whose eyes don't glaze over when he starts talking about the finer points of Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica.

For those wishing to remember a simpler time when nerds were ridiculed, here is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the premire of Attack of the Clones. One of the funniest things ever filmed.

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