Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reading for Thursday

Starting on Thursday, I want to begin discussing the long term trends in social capital and the role of social capital in aggregate outcomes. In order to prepare you for this discussion (and in generally increase your familiarity with social capital research), I want you to read some summary pieces from the Saguaro Seminar website.

First, go here and read the Social Capital FAQ. This will provide you with the highlights of the debate.

Second, go here and read the summary of social capital research -- which seems to be laregly about the impact of diversity, so it is pretty relevant given the current debate over immigration.

Finally, go here and see a variety of papers related to social capital -- and start thinking about your term papers. You don't need to write about social capital, but you should start thinking about writing about something. Then, you should set up a meeting with me to discuss you ideas.

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