Monday, May 15, 2006

Eyebrows raised, mouth agape, and speechless

I have no words:

Dear Jorge plans to address the nation tonight, a speech wherein he will almost surely attempt to deceive citizens into believing that he does not wish the mass migration from Mexico to continue unabated.


And he will be lying, again, just as he lied when he said: "Massive deportation of the people here is unrealistic – it's just not going to work."

Not only will it work, but one can easily estimate how long it would take. If it took the Germans less than four years to rid themselves of 6 million Jews, many of whom spoke German and were fully integrated into German society, it couldn't possibly take more than eight years to deport 12 million illegal aliens, many of whom don't speak English and are not integrated into American society.

To read something more intelligent about immigration, see Tyler Cowen and Daniel Rothschild's LATimes op-ed.

They say that you can't judge a book by its cover, and I wouldn't want ot fall prey to making decisions based on sterotypes, but you'd have to admit that you are not surprised by the picture of the author that goes with that post.
wacko! at the end of his post, he suggests the use of bounty hunters. nice, good move for a civilized society.
hm... the internet clearly hasn't made him more tolerant =P
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