Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Information Asymmetry Solved

Attention ladies:

4 GWU students (Tony Moniello, Jay Jentz, Philipp Waclawiczek, and Jason Linden -- all are conveniently on the facebook) were willing to reveal to the Washington Post that they were the "player" type for a fairly pointless article on "wingmen." Should you encounter these fools do not believe that they've "written a few books", that they are lawyers, or that they "own all the Ben and Jerry's in the Northeast." Know that they are players and proceed accordingly.

Anyhow, for readers of "The Game", what does it say about the wingman? Do those guys use them or do they tend to fly solo?

Wingmen are certainly used for practice, at the very least. Although specific techniques aren't really described in the book, Mystery's forum at't laugh) has many tales of PUA using wingmen in their "field reports" section. There are many debates over how exactly wingmen can work: for example, whether they should DHV (demonstrate high value) to give you higher value by association or DLV to give you a higher relative value.

I swear I have a life. But Mystery's videos are freaking hilarious.
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