Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nike + Apple = Cool

So if I am going to do "boring" workouts (i.e., not play some sort of sport), I find that I have to do it on one of these machines. The display actually motivates me to work out. I will pick some target and then work toward it. Then, when I get close to that, if I am not dead, I'll decide that I can pick some new target. Nike and Apple and teamed up to create shoes and an ipod nano that provide the same thing.

Check it out

(h/t The Big Picture)

I gotta say, that's pretty spiffy. Apple is doing a surprisingly good job of keeping ahead of all the other mp3 players.
I think Nike is making a major comeback in terms of marketing and thinking of innovative branding strategies. Teaming up with Apple was definitely a good move, especially with Apple beating out Microsoft (Apple's recent TV commercials are obviously bad-mouthing Microsoft... Nike recently restructured their product image by making it more urban and dance-sportish. You can check it out at They definitely have an amazing marketing team.
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