Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Economists Drive the Ladies Wild!

Back in December, Steve Levitt pointed out this Newsweek article headlined: “Economics: Sexiest Trade Alive.”

This morning in the NBER kitchen, I discovered some new evidence that economists are causing women to swoon. Someone had printed out and hung up the following recent posting from Boston’s Craig’s List (the post has expired, so there’s no link):
What is the NBER (1050 Mass. Ave.)?

I work at the Crate and Barrel on Mass. Ave. Every morning I watch a stream of cute young men walk into a place called the NBER. I’ve Googled it – looks like a bunch of economists from academia. What’s “National” about it? Is this a Harvard outfit? Is there anyone out there on CL who can help me meet some of the people in it?

Jill (not my real name)
Well “Jill”, I hope the fact that your post expired indicates you were successful in your quest, although the fact that no one has contacted me suggests that you must have failed.

No comment.
this is simply classic. she must have already approached some of the senior faculty and gotten rebuffed...
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