Monday, July 31, 2006

Economists' Sexiness Takes A Hit

First, Stephen Dubner points out that, in Turkey, Freakonomics was not sexy enough to sell on its own, so the publisher had in increase its sex appeal by putting a scantily clad women on the cover.

Second (and more importantly), the mysterious Jill from Crate and Barrel in Cambridge has apparently lost interest in the hot young economists at the NBER (perhaps someone pointed out to her that, while hot, economists are still somewhat dorky). It turns out, a former student of mine and occasional reader of this blog was responsible for printing and posting Jill's original message in the NBER kitchen (I should have known that one of my students was behind this). A friend of her's responded to Jill (twice), but received no reply. Jill, it seems, has lost interest.

My former student and friends are still interested in crossing the street to ferret her out. They are seeking suggestions on how to get "Jill" to reveal herself if anyone has any.

I wouldn't rule out having someone shop in Crate&Barrell while wearing a NBER t-shirt. Not responding to email is one thing (maybe she received lots of useless responses and stopped paying attention), but if a decent-looking male walked into the store clearly marked as NBER, that may be something else.
Sometimes employees in stores such as Crate and Barrell wear name badges.

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