Thursday, August 31, 2006

Does this make ANY sense?

Seriously, does this make any sense at all?

Description: Poor people (in the US) are more obese than rich people.

Explanation: Liberals (and the UN) who thought that people starving (particularly in less developed countries) was a bad thing and worked raise awareness and combat starvation. Now, as a result, "government literally feed[s] these people to the point of obesity."

Although, I guess this statement is more sensible than the fact that there is enormous demand for someone to make such stupid arguments (in fact, apparently the market can support many such people). I am not exactly sure what the fact that so many people can make an enormous living essentially being blowhards who seldom (if ever) say anything insightful says about humans, but it certainly is not good.

For a more insightful explanation of the growth in obesity check out this recent post by Greg Mankiw (hint -- lower food prices -- particular for "junk food" has a lot to do with growing obesity).

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