Saturday, August 05, 2006

Memories -- The Wonder Blur

Wonder Bar cocktails
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I found this photo on flickr. It is a good photo of a cool sign. If I didn't know any better, I could easily imgine that this was the sign to some hip, retro-cocktail lounge.

Of course, I do know better. The Wonder Bur -- or the "Wonder Blur" to locals -- is a bar in my hometown, Grants Pass, Oregon. Shortly after my 21st birthday, my friends demanded that we go to the mysterious Blur now that we were legal. I can honestly say that, at least in 1997, the Wonder Bur had to be one of the most depressing places on the planet. I think we lasted about 10 minutes. Four fresh 21-year old, college kids at home for either spring or summer vacation (I can't remember) visiting the Blur on a lark didn't really mesh with the hard luck, hard drinking 50+ set that was predominant at the Blur.

Maybe the Blur has been revitalized in the past decade -- my parents tell me that people actually go downtown now -- which definitely wasn't true 10 years ago, but I was stunned by the difference between the feelings evoked by the photo and my own recollections of the Wonder Bur.

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