Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dear Apple,

Please stop forcing me to update my itunes software. I updated it slightly more than 1 month ago when I bought my new ipod. Now, in order to set up passes for the Daily Show and Colbert Report (I will be living without cable for the near future -- the horror!) you are requiring me to update itunes again. Seriously?!!? Even though I am sitting in an airport with nothing to do and I can operate other programs (like this one) while it is downloading, I still find this annoying.

That is all.

EXACTLY! I don't mind that they have updates, but the fact that they're forced on me in order to download a show or whatever, with such regularity. Argh, matey!
Talk like a pirate day was yesterday... And you could download copies of Colbert and Stewart from bittorent, if you wanted to act like a pirate.
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