Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It is really unbelievable.

Brad Delong re-posts this question, originally posed by Daniel Davies in Feb. 2003, all the time. What's really remarkable (although tragic for our country) is that it is now late Sept. 2006, and still nothing satisfies these crieria:

Can anyone... give me one single example of something with the following three characteristics:

1. It is a policy initiative of the current Bush administration
2. It was significant enough in scale that I'd have heard of it (at a pinch, that I should have heard of it)
3. It wasn't in some important way completely f---- up during the execution.

Yet, now Congress -- or, more accurately, Republicans in Congress -- want to give this President "the power to jail pretty much anyone he wants for as long as he wants without charging them, to unilaterally reinterpret the Geneva Conventions, to authorize what normal people consider torture, and to deny justice to hundreds of men captured in error."


Please read this.

Okay, I've got one thing. PEPFAR: President Bush's program to give money for AIDS in Africa. You could argue that it violates point 3 because of all the money tagged toward abstinence programs, but no matter how you look at it, it's played a major role in getting treatment out to Africans (along with other initiatives, like the Global Fund). You know I'm no fan of the current administration, but...well, that's one thing.
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