Friday, September 29, 2006


I know my parents seem to like Sen. Smith (R - OR), but this is absolutely pathetic:

And even some Republicans who said voted for the bill said they expected the Supreme Court to strike down the legislation because of the habeas corpus provision, ultimately sending the legislation right back to Congress.

“We should have done it right, because we’re going to have to do it again,” said Senator Gordon Smith, a Republican from Oregon, who had voted to strike the habeas corpus provision, yet supported the bill.

How can a US Senator vote aye on a bill he already believes to be unconstitutional -- particularly when something as fundamental as habeas corpus is involved? He did it (like I am sure most Republicans) because of politics. As Sen. Obama said yesterday, "... I’m still ashamed. Because what we’re doing here today – a debate over the fundamental human rights of the accused – should be bigger than politics. This is serious."

Is it not your job, Sen. Smith, to pass legislation that upholds the Constitution? Why do you feel that your party's political gains should come at the expense of the American taxpayers who will foot the legal bills for your willful negligence? (And while I am at it, why do you think that your party's political gains should come at the expense of American service people abroad who now face greater danger and at the expense of America's reputation and standing in the world)?

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