Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nice Effort

A few days ago, the following email sent the Harvard campus into a tizzy:
This THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9th is Harvard Campus Blue Day!

This is a promotion that I am running sponsored by JetBlue Airways. JetBlue wants everyone at Harvard to experience the friendly service they offer so they have decided to encourage everyone to GO BLUE! by giving away free flights from Boston (Logan) to New York (JFK) or Washington DC (Dulles) this thursday.

All you have to do on Thursday is WEAR A BLUE SHIRT.

If you are wearing a blue shirt you will have the chance of being stopped by a JetBlue Campus Representative and asked "Go What?". If you respond with "GO BLUE!" you will be handed a FREE FLIGHT VOUCHER ON THE SPOT!

So wear blue this Thursday and tell all your friends!

Remember: "Go What? GO BLUE!"

Now, this "promotion" appears to be a Yale prank. At first, I thought their prank was unsuccessful because motivated Harvard students called JetBlue and figured out what was going on. As such, their won't be too much blue in the Yard tomorrow -- probably there will be lots of crimson. On further thought, having received many, many emails from different students who contacted JetBlue, I am starting to think that it was still a pretty successful prank. Watching Harvard students fall all over themselves trying to figure out what's going on is probably pretty entertaining for the Yalies. Not as entertaining as watching Harvard students decked in blue walking around the yard saying "go blue," but entertaining nonetheless.

Of course, it doesn't approach the success of the 2004 prank which produced the following:

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