Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Text Messaging

I've never been all that into text messaging. Perhaps its because (until very recently) I didn't have a phone with a reasonable keypad; perhaps I am just not with it; or (more likely) I am just anti-social.

Regardless, Simeon Yates of Sheffield Hallam University has been studying how young people text each other with some interesting (although probably not surprising) findings:

Men’s text messages are short, saucy and sarcastic, while women’s are longer and more loving, according to new University research.


But in focus groups participants also admitted using text messaging to avoid difficult social situations, with some women confessing to being dumped by text message.

Men are more likely than women to talk on their mobiles when in a group – except if it’s a girlfriend or mum on the line.

‘A man is more likely to text than phone his partner when he’s out with friends or peers,’ said Yates.

‘It prevents him losing face by switching from ‘friend’ mode to ‘partner’ mode in front of his peers.’

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