Friday, November 03, 2006


In light of my previous discussions of voting problems -- particularly with the voting slot machines, let me take this opportunity to plug Oregon's awesome (and sadly quasi-unique -- lots of other states have extensive absentee voting which essentially accomplishes the same things) vote by mail system. I have just returned from making the 2 minute walk from my office to the county elections office to drop off my ballot. A ballot that I filled out over three days as I found time to read about different ballot measures and discuss them with others. All told, I filled out 50 percent of my ballot while lying on my couch, 35 percent at my kitchen table, and the final 15 percent at my office (just a few minutes ago). I know of many other people who actually have ballot parties where 10-15 people come over and discuss issues while filling in their ballots (I really like this concept).

The beauty of this system is that I have 3 weeks or so to find the most convenient time(s) to fill in my ballot. No standing in lines in the rain. No waiting for malfunctioning machines to be fixed. No getting to the voting booth and forgetting how you wanted to vote for something (or having to figure it out in the first place). I get to vote at the lowest possible cost to me (almost).

Further should any robo-caller find me or someone come knocking on my door, I can politely tell them to save their energy because I already voted.

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