Thursday, December 14, 2006

Social Capital is Important ...

... even for introverts. The businesspundit offers some advice for introverts on how to network. It is all pretty basic stuff, but he does give a nice summary of some of the value he recoups on investments in social networks:

For better or for worse, connections make the world go round. Just this week I was reading about the importance of networks in the VC industry. It applies to all of business though. Knowing lots of people reduces your headaches by a factor of 10 when you need to get something done. Requests from strangers don't get filled as quickly as requests from acquaintances or friends. If you don't network, you find yourself in situations (particularly as an entrepreneur or business owner) where you need someone with a certain skill set and you don't even know where to start looking. Then you have to advertise a position or opportunity, and weed through the applicants to find the 5% that are actually worth talking to.

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