Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Waste Some Time

Ok, this is sweet. Giant Magazine put together a list (including YouTube clips) of the 50 Greatest Commercials from the 1980s and then added a list of 50 more. Here's a taste:

"From you alright. I learned it by watching you!"

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

"My Buddy"

In 9th grade, my teammate Curt and I spent much of the basketball season at the end of the bench, so we started to refer to each other a bench buddies. At some point, I think we even rewrote the words to this commercial so we even had the "bench buddy" theme song.

Ok, since I am on the topic of 9th grade basketball and changing song lyrics, much more entertaining than the bench buddy song, was my teammate Greg spending a bus ride home from an away game creating a song about my basketball skills by changing the lyrics and inserting my name into this popular song from the time (Sadly, the only lyric I can remember -- besides the chorus -- is "stop, grab the ball and shoot it"):


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