Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why we learn math.

This is sad.

For the record:

.002 dollars = .2 cents

.oo2 cents = .00002 dollars

This guy really should get paid by Verizon. Hopefully, recording this and posting it on the internet is producing enough to compensate for his time, pain, and suffering.

Even better: the guy started his own weblog.

Worse: Verizon CSRs still don't seem to understand this. I was prompted by this to call Verizon and cancel my internet plan because I never use it. I asked the rep what the price per kilobyte was if I wanted to access the internet from my phone without a plan and she quoted by .015 CENTS. Unless I am mistaken, I believe it is actually 1.5 cents. Sheeesh.

totally classic.
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