Monday, February 19, 2007

More from Grants Pass

More brilliance on display by GP residents. Some locals stole a car on Thursday, got pulled over for a traffic violation, and then tried to elude police using back country roads. Eventually, the trio came to the river and thought, "hey, we can get away by swimming across the river; the police won't get into the water and they certainly wouldn't be able to drive around to the other side." so:

Two men and a woman ran from the car and jumped into the Rogue River, which had a water temperature of around 40 degrees, police said.

The man and woman who were passengers were quickly pulled from the river, but the car's driver got caught in the river current and was swept into the middle of the river, police said.

He was screaming for help and a water rescue team from the Rural Metro Fire Department was called.

However, he drifted into an area of the river where the water was chest deep and he was able to reach the opposite bank, where he collapsed and stayed until troopers could get to him, police said.

All three people were taken by American Medical Response ambulance to Three Rivers Community Hospital, where they were treated for hypothermia

Oh well, there may be some stupid people around, but GP has plenty of advantages. E.g., while at home this weekend, my brother-in-law and I took advantage of the 65 degree temperatures to hike along the wild and scenic section of the Rogue -- given it is still February lots of water is still flowing from higher elevations down to the river creating lots of waterfalls (probably 10-15 just in the 2 mile section of the trail we hiked).

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