Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey Ladies, Go Ahead and Settle

... so argues Lori Gottleib in this Atlantic article. While I've argued that people may get too swept up by fairy tale romance in the past, I am not convinced that settling is a great idea. People would likely benefit from having more realistic expectations about what they can find in the marriage market, but I don't think it is crazy for women (the group focused on in the article) for women to expect than some help around the house from their partners.

I think an article that helped women manage their expectations about guys (e.g., here's the reality of what you are likely to find out there and here's how a bunch of women have coped with these "typical male flaws" to create lasting happy relationships) would be far more helpful.

Update: Here's the same author taking a very different point of view prior to having her child. This may suggest that being a single mother increases the desire to settle.

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