Sunday, March 09, 2008

ECON 260: Comment Thread for 3/10

No new question for Monday. Since we haven't discussed the threads from Wednesday or Friday yet, feel free to post in either of those. Alternatively, respond to any of the other posts or post a question you'd like to discuss in this comment thread.

Also since some of you have been asking, here's a further clarification of the blog post participation grading. On the day you turn in your take-home quizzes (e.g., next friday), I will count up the number of specific "ECON 260: Comment Thread" posts that I posted in the previous two weeks. This number becomes the denominator. Then, I will add up the number of posts that you posted any response to -- not just the specific comment threads, but any post I made (that is, you can essentially substitute response to other posts for responses to the comment threads). This number is the numerator. When I divide numerator by denominator, I am expecting that I will get a number higher than 0.6.

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