Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happiness Follow-up

Here are several items from the archive that relate to our happiness discussion:

An overview of happiness and choice
-- including some recommendations from an article called "The Tyranny of Choice" on how to manage choices and be happy:
1) Choose when to choose -- We can decide to restrict our options when the decision is not crucial. For example, make a rule to visit no more than two stores when shopping for clothing.

2) Learn to accept "good enough" -- Settle for a choice that meets your core requirements rather than searching for the elusive "best." Then stop thinking about it.

3) Don't worry about what you're missing -- Consciously limit how much you ponder the seemingly attractive features of options you reject. Teach yourself to focus on the positive parts of the selection you make.

4) Control expectations -- "Don't expect too much, and you won't be disappointed" is a cliche. But that advice is sensible if you want to be more satisfied with life.
Here are several additional popular articles by Dan Gilbert.

It's the struggle to obtain the goal, not obtaining the goal that people enjoy.

Does satisfying your preferences make you happy?

How to by happy with you housing choices.

Choice maximization and job satisfaction.

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