Saturday, April 26, 2008

Congestion Pricing

In one of the classes yesterday, we discussed imposing a congestion tax. Here's one author's unfavorable view of the equity implications of a congestion pricing plan in LA:

Right. It takes unconventional and courageous thinking to come up with a plan that clears a highway lane for the well-off, while the middle class and working poor are left to inhale each other's $5-a-gallon exhaust fumes... making the daily lives of the hundreds of thousands of moderate-income commuters ... even more intolerable...

The worst thing about this ill-considered decision to allocate freedom of movement according to income is that it represents local public policy made for the worst of all possible reasons -- simply because there's federal money available to do it. ...

In class I was under the impression that we were discussing the implementation tolls with exceptions for carpool lanes and the increase of public transportation. Hopefully congestion could be reduced for all lanes rather than simply for those for the wealthy. This man brings up a valid point in the importance of considering class dimensions.
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