Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Fundamental Differences Among Left and Right Leaning Economists

Greg Mankiw provides his view of the fundamental set of assumptions that divide left and right leaning economists:
Mark Thoma responds to this list here.

Me and a co-author have recently completed a paper on the analysis of

economists’ disagreement and of its determinants.

As a case study we took the Italian profession and we measured Italian economists' disagreement about : 1) the cause of the difficulties of the Italian economy; 2) which are the most effective policy proposals to solve the economy's problems.

Then we relate the respondent's opinion on each specific policy proposal to her individual characteristics, academic profile, methodological approach and political opinions.

We find that the political view of the respondent matters a lot in explaining difference in the judgement of a policy proposal but which aspect of her political view matters most depends on how much controversial the policy proposal is.

We have also prepared a website for additional documentation on the survey - the questionnaire, other descriptive statistics, etc.. The link is:

No need to say, whatever comments or suggestion is more than welcome.

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