Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Question

Which is better: The power of flight or the power of invisibility? Listen here for more details.

Flying would be more fun and it'd be cool to be able to go anywhere anytime. However, the power to be invisible/undetectable would be too useful to pass up. I can only imagine the truths one can uncover. On the other hand, if I could fly faster than the speed of light, definitely would rather have that.
I think it is important to put some boundaries/limits on these "powers" in order to have a serious debate about them. For example, do I have to flap my arms in order to fly? Am I stuck invisible for the rest of my life? However, even if I had to flap my arms, I'd always take flying for the following reasons:
1) Being invisible could never be as cool as flying around campus in a big bird costume.
2) Girls are gonna find you far more adorable if you fly down from the sky for your date than if you appear out of nowhere (Creepy....).
3) Free tickets/Best seats to all outdoor sporting events.
4) Instant NBA/NFL/Quidditch Success.
5) Cheap travel anywhere.

.....seems pretty obvious to me.
After listening to the audio, it made think how interesting the choices you make reflects on you and truly identifies you, if choices are answered with out bias. because my friends would make similar reactions as when I ask them which one to choose depending on their personality. guys usually choose flight unless they are shy, and girls usually choose invisibility. most of guys that wanted to be invisible because how much they could abuse the power to get the pleasure for them selves and nearly no body said helping others... and they all ask for the limits of the power.
If I can choose between the power of flight and the power of invisibility, I would take the power of flight. Because I am special situation with my family and my country. Because I can be back to my past life with the speed faster than light. Because I love to visit new places. Becuase I have tones of benefits with that power. The benefits from the power of flight are better than the power of invisiblility IN MY CASE.

If I don't want to be a richer person or stronger person, I mean that if I live in the truths and with conscience, I do not need to deceive people or to hide in vision.
I definitely would choose flight as well. Since my family is in California, it would be great to get there within minutes (especially when the weather is nice). And as a racer, I have a tremendous need for speed. Swooping around and feeling those G's like I do in racing would be awesome! Plus, there are so many place I would love to go and it would be so cool to see everything from a bird's eye view.
I am torn between the two here. On the one hand, being invisible would be amazing in that you could do basically anything you wanted without any consequences. Literally almost anything: Rob a bank, escape from anywhere, go anywhere undetected, and not to mention the practical jokes you could play on your friends. You name it and you could do it better while invisible. On the other hand, we have the ability to fly. I am going to go ahead and assume that I would be able to fly around the speed of sound. Any slower than this and it would be invisibility by a landslide. Just think being able to get anywhere on the planet within a matter of hours, and not to mention you would not have any of the hassle of checking (and probably losing) your bags. I guess it really comes down to how fast you could fly. Like I said, if I could not fly really fast, I would definitely go with invisibility. On the other hand, flying at 700 miles per hour through the stratosphere seems like too much of an opportunity to give up.
Ok, a quick cost/benefit analysis of flight vs. invisibility:

Flight (pros):1. free travel
2. no more traffic
3. scenic bird's eye views
4. go anywhere
5. no more airports
6. advantages in sports (see previous posts)

Flight (cons):1. traveling alone
2. could be shot down by the government

Flight (potential lurking variables):1. speed of flight
2. other limitations/parameters

Invisibility (pros):1. go anywhere undetected
2. sit in on secret meetings

Invisibility (cons):1. have to be naked, which is bad for cold climates

Invisibility (concerns):1. could easily be abused, see The Invisible Man (Wells) and the Ring of Gyges (Plato)

So, I would be more tempted to take invisibility for all the things I could do; however, maybe for my own sake I should choose flight. Invisibility could corrupt people very easily.
The power of flight would be my choice. To visit any place at any time would be the life! Being invisible would get me into trouble like; robbing banks and stealing expensive cars.
Personally I think invisibility would be better, it seems a little more practical to me. In the work environment you could be sitting in your office trying to get some work done but youre constantly being interupted by other employees with questions. If you had the ability to be invisible then you could show up to work, walk into your office so that everyone could see you and then after a bit turn yourself invisible and that way when someone walks into your office/cubicle/workspace they think that you just stepped away for a moment and you're still getting work done so your boss doesnt come down on you as well. Plus, you could freak other drivers out if you decide to become invisible while driving down the street, and perform other pranks.
With the assumption that you can fly at a speed that would make flying exciting and there was not a low limit of flight speed, I would definitely chose flying. If in flight you could only go at some ridiculously low speed, of 10 mph or less than I would highly consider passing on the ability of flight and would take the ability of invisibility. I would choose the ability of flight because it seems to have no disadvantages and would always be a power that you could use and be greatly entertained by this ability. The reason why I would initially pass on the ability of invisibility, is due to the reason that, there are obviously many great advantages to having this ability, but nearly all of them seem to be very immoral, and I personally do not see any way that any human being would be able to pass on all the immoral temptation which would arise with that power. Either of these two powers would be great advantages in life, assuming that no one else really knew about them. There would most likely be many hardships if the general public or government knew of a person that had any one of these two powers.
Choosing a power would be very difficult especially between these two. Invisibility would be cool but I have a feeling that the power of invisibility would get me into trouble. The power of flight would be the one I would choose regardless of speed. My whole life I have been terrified of heights and having the power of flight would help me conquer that fear. I agree with others that having either of these abilities would be amazing. I am surprised that most people who have to choose between these choose the one that will benefit them the most and not humanity.
I feel that flight would be ok, but only if you could take somebody with you. Traveling alone wouldn't be too fun. So i think I would rather be invisible, so I could just sneak on airplanes instead if I wanted to go somewhere.
invisibility, hands down. I do not think to many people realize that for flight to be better than flying or driving you would need to be traveling very fast or at high altitude which would be extremely cold... not to mention bugs in your face. Invisibility would allow you so many options when it comes to entertainment and finances. I do see myself possibly abusing the ability to be invisible but it would be far to tempting to pass up.
I initially thought that invisibility would be more useful because you could attain any amount of secret information. Insider trading, test scores, etc. could make you successful almost instantaneously. Of course this assumes "success" is defined as material accumulation. But on more reflection I realized that most of the benefits of invisibility are illicit, or at least there is a high temptation to use the power in such a manner. So ultimately, I think I would choose the power of flight. You sure could cook up some fantastic dates to the top of mountains or roofs of skyscrapers...
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