Thursday, May 07, 2009

Some hypotheses on good job matches

Some advice on choosing who to work with:

Choose people who are good-looking, but not better looking than you.

Choose women who are happy, but they shouldn't smile too easily.

Choose people who swear, but don’t choose someone who's trashy.

Choose people you admire.

Click the link to read the rationales offered for these particular hypotheses.

This is interesting and somewhat funny. A little story here: I talked to my friend, who works for Morgan Stanley and his advices are somewhat related to this article. (see below for some of his advises)

1. Get a high GPA, but not 4.0. Few managers have 4.0 and they surely will not hire you.
2. Exercise like crazy. If you look good, then your chance of getting a job is increasing.
3. Show them a bit of attitude, but not too much. (In his word: swearing a little is good. That means you can channel out the stress).

Well there you go. 3 of what he said to me last year. The rest of them are standard resume building, interview taking tips.
This article depresses me because it supports the idea that it's not productivity or individual ability that leads to success, but the superficial factors that make the difference at the margin. However, I cannot deny the truth behind this article. It is true that first impressions say a lot about a person, and being slightly more attractive compared to the people immediately around you make you as an individual more likely to be selected for whatever you hope to be selected for.
Regarding women, this point seems to be a safeguard more than anything else. Having a woman who is happy but doesn't smile implies that the risk of complication from occupational romance is mitigated because the woman (or man) at least is not interested enough for you to make a move.
The ability to swear is easy: it's an indicator of humanness. It shows that you are someone who is easy enough to get along with, and it acts as a sort of icebreaker.
Having people you admire is the one point that seems to encourage productivity. Working with people whom you respect and look up to would hopefully be people who are placed on this pedestal because they are such good workers, while being good individuals at the same time. This would reinforce your own efforts at productivity, as well as in developing your own character in a positive way.
I believe this article is full of non-sense. These "tips" throw all of your hard work and learning straight out the window. Especially looking at these comments through the eyes on an economist. We are led to believe high efficiency and productivity lead to greater outcomes in maximizing both utility and output. According to the article it's not the marginal value that encompasses that rather your smile or whether or not you have a foul mouth. I don't believe that a women who smile alot is less productive than her co-worker who has a natural frown on her face do to genetics. Unfortunately, I have worked with several smiley faces who have deemed super lazy.
All of these tips are very useful. A better looking person is likely to be more successful than you, a really smiley girl is likely to seem unintelligent, those who curse some fit in better than those who don't, and you should admire those you work with because if you don't its hard to respect them. I thought the cursing tip was particularly unique and interesting and the least obvious. If you generalize everyday society, most people, particularly men, curse a good deal. Considering men generally have a higher rate of involvement in the workplace it would make sense to want someone who can curse properly so they fit in better and are, therefore, more successful. Many people, including my boyfriend are uncomfortable around those who don't curse, much like many people who are uncomfortable around those who don't drink. To them it just doesn't feel right and seems somewhat condescending, and condescending is never good for business.....
Aside from all the other indications that could lead you to a good job match, these 5 tips are not as ridiculous as they may at first seem, the first one, while somewhat shallow, may help you in ways that you would not initially think of. People respond well to attractive people, they are treated differently whether we like it or not. If you happen to be the most attractive one in the office you would see things much differently as opposed to being the least attractive. Choosing a job where you are the most attractive could lead to higher confidence, higher personal productivity and a higher likelihood that you will actually want to go into work everyday and stay at that job longer.
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