Thursday, September 03, 2009

Money and Happiness

I alluded to this relationship in class yesterday, if you want to learn more. This post includes a number of links to the basic facts about the relationship between money and happiness.

This post offers up one of the main ways I think that money can buy happiness -- buy memories (although I think people frequently neglect these opportunities).

Money does buy happiness! However, I argue that buying material items leads to the same level of long term happiness associated with buying memories. This is the case because comfort and ease are often byproducts of purchasing and using material items. Due to increased comfort, it is easier to have happiness(ex. you have more time to focus on self improvement, relationship building, and even 'buying memories').
I would agree that money does buy sorts of happiness, but I feel there is a different satisfaction for different people. There is the argument of instant gratification (such as buying a rolex or jewelry) vs. long term happiness from an experience and I think some people truly believe material objects make their life better and happier and there are others who believe that using money on an experience is worth more. Ultimately I believe money does make people happy whether they believe it is from material objects or experiences.
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