Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Read This!

I am working on a longer series of posts about health reform, but in the meantime -- READ THIS.

This article (or a similar article) should be running every day on the front page of every newspaper in the country (modified only as the bills change). TV news should also regularly repeat a story which walks through the substance of the legistlation. The media is too focused on reporting news -- what happened today? As such, they fail to inform the public about the substance of the debate, and the public ends up completely clueless about what is actually going on and easily manipulated by those wishing to scare them (death panels anyone).

How can whether or not to reform the health care system be an issue, it is obvious that the system is broken. Nearly 50 million Americans are uninsured. Everyone should have access to health care without the possibility of financial ruin!
Here are two solutions on how to finance it.
Progressive tax reform. Why the hell does someone need billions of dollars, wouldn't hundreds of millions be sufficient?
How about Washington cut the military budget to help finance something that benefits millions of people instead of the few who are in charge of arms productions.
We need a radical social change; we should learn from Robin Hood and start taking money from all of those rich fat-cats to pay for necessary social services like health care for all.
Our system rewards news programs for being edgy and penalizes them for being rote. We have individuals like Glenn Beck stirring up real, dangerous radicalism, and rising to the top for their actions. How can such a change (a shift to focus on the substance of issues) occur when americans very stubbornly want their entertainment, coca cola, lack of excercize, and group of people to "justly" hate. We have become slobs and gluttons. That type of person does not enjoy knowledge, but unchecked emotions.
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