Friday, October 16, 2009

The future?

I am not sure people will go for all of this, but I certainly can imagine some of this in our future. Regardless, I like that people think about this stuff.

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

I can see people using this in the future and the benefits to the touch pad are evident. Cool video
The touch pad is definitely the way to go. Touch pads are already utilized (albeit in less complex modes than the one proposed in the video)on laptops and the Nintendo DS and seem to have received positive responses from consumers. Great idea.
I think a new user interface is the next major advancement needed; things haven't really changed much since windows broke through. A lot depends on the programs ease of use and selling the public on it.
This reminded me of this:

Though I believe the eye-tracking has many more limitations than the touch pad.
This is significant step to the next generation. It seems complicated to function, but processing would be much more productive.
I definitely think this could take off. I can also see it taking a while. Even though computers have grown in society there are many people who are still not comfortable with them. Having all this new technology might be harder for some people to grasp and accept than others
It would be even cooler if typing was replaced with some sort of voice activation. However it would be hard for some people to adapt to using. The necessary skill sets for operation would completely change.
A touch interface is the way in which new technology is being presented. It makes products more user friendly and in a way broadens the market for certain products. A great example of these is Jazzmutant, a music interface, which is a customizable touch interface that allows the user to manipulate different software in ways limited only by the users imagination.
I think this is amazing and if the price is right they could honestly start selling soon. This is most definitely the way of the future.
All I can think about is how much easier this would make writing papers. As I search for sources, I could constantly reorganize them with most helpful/salitent to right and least to the left, easily, and over time I'd have a clear batch of winning resources. When writing, getting groups of info available to operate and cite while still writing would be so much better. Yes please! The only other thought, once this comes into effect, how much higher will final paper expectations be???!
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