Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Putting your econometics skills to use

A student forwarded this set of advice on how to use econometrics to improve your dating:

1. Sampling:
Choose randomly in the age group that you are interested in, and date every
single one of the girls in the sample for the same amount of time (so, you’d
have to dump them when the time comes, or you need to keep them with you as
long as the time takes, if they want to dump you first). Then you rate them,
look at the distribution, calculate the mean, and the standard deviation.

2. Now for every girl that you date afterwards, we need to do a hypothesis test:
H0: this girl’s rating is rating is the same as the observed mean.
Suppose the previous sampling follow a normal distribution, then you can do a
t-stats on the current girl friend’s rating is significantly larger than the
sample mean, then congratulations, you’ve found your “significant” other.

3. But in order to save time so that you won’t end up wasting your time on the
girls who are not statistically “significant”, you can run a multi-regression
on the sample, with repressors such as height, weight, Body Mass Index, color
of hair etc. Find out which one plays a major role in your rating, then with
these rules, you can narrow your girlfriend pooling to look for the significant

Okay. This is hilarious.
This is really interesting. I wonder how plausible this would be.
Sounds rather immoral with regards for the women that you sample on. It would be a shame to have to dump the girl with the highest rating up to that point every time. I'm just surprised there isn't uproar over this. It's how you know everyone has bought into economic thought over just about everything.
People fall in love for any number of ridiculous reasons. If you're going to commit to declare someone as "the one" you might as well have the rationality check of a statistically-backed claim as to why. Also, I don't see anything immoral about it unless your preferences are somehow immoral. This is simply a more efficient means of rejecting sub-par partners in a less drawn-out and therefore less painful manner.
I feel like most people do this already anyways right? just that maybe they are unaware that they do have such set of data already compiled
I wonder if this would be very successful. This seems really weird from my point of view and as a guy. Nobody should be this mechanical when looking at relationships. It is kinda funny though.
I have never felt so un-aroused. Love in numbers? If there's one thing that I believe, its that love is wholly irrational, illogical, and impenetrable to economics.
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