Monday, November 09, 2009

Well, then

Dick Armey on Larry Summers, and, by extension me and my friends:

"I don’t consider Larry Summers a serious economist," [Dick] Armey said. “You can get a Ph.D. from Harvard without ever having seriously considered the subject.”

"The other motive, and the less pernicious, is we should all have an equal access to health care. It’s the old romantic egalitarian motive that says we would live in a better world if everyone has an equal share of a smaller pie rather than a world with unequal distribution of a larger pie.”
health care VS socialism
Wow, I am not sure what to think about his guy. Some things sound reasonable or at least amusing but the rest of what he says is off the wall.
How about this quote “You can get a Ph.D. from Harvard without ever having seriously considered the subject.”
Can you Professor?
He should have thought about it much more.
If Dick Armey wants to disapprove of Larry Summers or the economic policy of the Obama administration, there are so many easy targets. However, saying that Larry is not a serious economist, or his a PhD doesn't mean much, makes Mr Armey sounds very foolish person.
This guys is interesting. I agree with some of his ideas about the United States but then again some of his statements just seem to be said for shock value. I agree with Bakheet that he does sound foolish in many ways. I'm sure you found this amusing considering you have worked to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard. I wonder what your thought are on the subject.
Can I just say that this guy sounds not just really foolish, but kind of douchey and egotistic? I mean, a Harvard doctoral degree isn't exactly an easy thing to get. It seems to me that he thinks of himself as a sort of Jesus of Economics, when in fact on many levels he's ignoring a long period of history with his shock value comments.
Bryce mentioned in class that a certain segment of his schooling was sort of one giant hoop that he jumped through upon entrance, and then spent the rest of his time coasting with the help of the community. But it seems obvious that Bryce isn't a schmuck, so he was probably either overstating it, or presenting a theory of others. Harvard has a reputation for a reason.
Dick Armey's said enough wild generalizations in his time that something like "your school is overrated" is pretty tame, and still without apparent merit.
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